What we do

Design for healthcare & welfare

In tona we use our skills and many years of experience in textile, interior, and visual direction to provide a better experience in healthcare and welfare environments for the wellbeing of patients, their families, and staff.

Client category

Healthcare and welfare

We work on improving the experience in the healthcare and welfare environment through empathetic listening and research. We try to understand the thoughts behind the words and the problems that do not appear on the surface. We make our plans hand in hand with the client and create an environment that cares for the state of mind and body of the patients, their families, ​and the staff.


We provide textile design, surface design, furniture design, and corporate identity design.

School and Public facility

We provide color scheme and environmental design to schools and public facilities.


We work together with local governments to solve issues they might have in local communities through design.

Design skills

We work on various design productions from a single strand to living environment depending on your needs.

Textile design

We provide designs for fabrics used in interiors such as curtain, carpet, bedding and for products.

Surface design

We provide surface designs for products and interior materials used in housing such as electronics, tiles and wallpaper.

Interior design

We provide furniture design, interior plan with color strategy, materials and furnishings specialized in healthcare and welfare.

Product design

We provide designs for textile products and products needed in healthcare and welfare environment.


We provide graphic design, logo design, naming, concept making, photo direction, etc to strengthen a brand.

Visual direction

We provide visual direction to convey the idea behind a facility or a product through colors, graphic, and interior design.

Research & analysis

We provide versatile research & analysis for design and living in Japan.

Colorscheme & strategy

We provide effective color strategy based on the fact human beings collect ca.90% information from sight, and colors have immediate impact on people’s emotions.


We love working in a team. We team up with external talents depending on the scale and type of project and ask you to join the creation process.