Necklace Made of Tsumugi Kimono Silk

“itu” is a necklace made of Amami Pongee, a traditional silk kimono textile originated on the island of Amami-Oshima near Kagoshima. The rich black color is made by Japanese mud dyeing technique which uses the natural sources found on the island such as plants and mud. Amami Pongee has a history of over 1300 years. For a very long time, it was produced as offerings to royals, and locals did not have the luxury to wear what they created. The intricate kasuri(resisted yarn dyeing) patterns on both warp and weft are carefully woven together. The whole process could take from a half year to a year to weave enough length for one kimono. “itu” means “yarn” in the local vernacular. This project is designed in collaboration with Shizuka Tatsuno as a design unit st+to.
Awarded the 1st prize in “The Competition for New Products from Kagoshima”

itu:Official Website
Photo:Sayaka Mochizuki
Sewing:Ayuko Hazu